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Actor Charles Swan

Actor: Charles W. Swan

Hollywood, CA

Charles W. Swan: Starpages

Born: March 11, 1942, Place: Hartsville, S.C. Sign: Pisces.

Married: Paige Humphrey, Elementary School Teacher

"With a distinguishing attitude, a swan-like elegance and the sophisication, Charles fits into no other category than his own"

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Charles was Knighted into the Religious and Military Order Knights of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem on June 9, 2000

Charles is writing and producing the Movie "Trapped inside the Beltway" Sundance Film Festival is reviewing the production and is an author of the book "The World As He Sees It".

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Charles began his acting career playing the trumpet at Fannie L. Bourbar Elementary School in Baltimore. He audition with his trumpet at the Howard Street Union Hall . He and his trio were only 12. He played in the Baltimore City College band and orchestra.

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Charles W. Swan The world of movies offers us major legends talents Jean Harlow, Jerry Lewis, Joanne Woodward, Godfrey Cambridge, David Niven, Sidney Poitier, Zero Mostel, Lou Costello, Shemp Howard, Edward Everett Horton, John Mills, Cyd Charisse, Jennifer Jones, Claire Trevor, Irene Papas, Madeleine Carroll, Mercedes McCambridge, Frank Overton, and Elizabeth Taylor. More recent stars feature Billy Crystal, Glenn Close, Bernadette Peters, Lynn Redgrave, Rex Harrison, Charles Durning, Bruce Willis, Peter Fonda, William H. Macy, Michael Caine, Daniel Craig, Holly Hunter, William Hurt, Raul Julia, Tom Courtenay, Dean Stockwell, Alan Rickman, Juliette Binoche, Drew Barrymore, Dakota Fanning, Charles W. Swan, Aidan Quinn, Thora Birch, Jennifer O'Neill, Paula Prentiss, Samantha Eggar, Daniel Craig, Brad Dourif, Irene Cara, Brad Dourif, Ellen Page, Edward James Olmos, Jake Lloyd, Patsy Kensit, Billy Zane, David Thewlis, Sean Biggerstaff, Sean Astin, Miko Hughes, Caitlin Wachs, and Rob Lowe. _______ Dr. Charles W. Swan has been honored with the Medal of Freedom, the Legion of Merit Award and The Eternal Flame of Freedom Medal in which the Flame is ... ____ Charles Barkley · Charles Bronson · Charles Dance · Charles Dickens · Charles Durning · Charles S. Dutton · Charles Shaughnessy · Charles W. Swan ... _____ Home Members Blogs Photos Videos Music Groups Events Polls Forums Articles chat Celebrity Addresses The Saint _______ Groups Charles W. Swan 25 October, 2008 Celebrity Fan Clubs Charles Swan Trivia When was Charles knighted ? Photo Gallery latestTop random Trapped inside the Beltway 1 votes Trapped inside the Beltway 2 votes Video Gallery latestTop random Swan Film Insitute movie 1,088 votes General InfoNickName: thesaint Sex: male Misc InfoCountry: United States City: Beverly Hills rate profile 5,000 votes Blog Who's Your # one Celebrity 2 February, 2009 Movie 200 comments Our Favourite People In Hollywood week ending 23 July 2008 This Week All-Time Charles W Swan Darren ... _____________ Read more Charles Swan 2 February, 2009 Movie 865 comments Charles voted top twenty celebrities in Hollywood add your vote can you see it htt... Read more Trapped inside the Beltway 19 October, 2008 Movie 543 comments _________ The Sundance Film Festival Trapped inside the Beltway Directed by: Charles W. Swan submitted by: Charles W. Swan... Read more Friends Friends MovieEye Profile Music Forum Poststhesaint's forum posts Profile CommentsBy thesaint 209 Days Ago1 point Launch into the Previews All the News Be First in Line Dancer:TheSandman Get The Latest Here......... In The Press......... Charles' acting, singing and music debut can be traced back to his childhood in 1952 at Fannie L. Bourbar Elementary School and at Pennsylvannia AME Zion Church in Baltimore, Maryland. His class under the direction of Mr. Arnett Brown (teacher) had the class present the life and history of John Henry the Steel Driving Man in the puppet show. The class spent several weeks preparing for this stage show. Charles played the part of the preacher man. "The Review was a smashing say the least". Charles continued to act in school plays and blew his trumpet in the school marching band and orchestra in Booker T. Washington Junior High School and Baltimore City College. The famous saxophonist Gary Barts rose from these ranks. Charles had a little trio that played out of the Music Union Hall on Howard Street in B-More in 1955. The Swan Film Institute presented by Swan and Associates. Reply to this comment Add Your Comment Charles W. Swan: IMDB Comments Below: